Yew-wei Tan / 陳有維

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Photo from Mar 2016


Software Development

I hate computers. Therefore I am a Programmer; I want as little software in my life as possible (and as little technology in general).

I program in whatever takes to get the job done. Recently it's been mostly Elixir for the server-side stuff, Clojurescript for webapps (and increasingly a lot more environments), and the obligatory HTML/JS/CSS for building static websites.

I have used the following languages in anger: Erlang, Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS), Clojure, C (crypto code is nasty!), and PHP in the context of Wordpress Development.

I have some limited experience with Python, Common Lisp and Haskell

Currently a free agent and looking for work.


I draw stuff @

Large version of my chinese name is viewable by Clicking HERE. (Written in my own calligraphic style)

Birth date is [24-May-1991]. About 190cm (6'3'') tall, weighing about 71kg (156.5lbs).

My ancestry is South Chinese (latitude band from 20-23 deg North), and like any good Asian, I read far too much manga :D

I've played Electric and Acoustic guitar since I was 15 (Ibanez Vintage RG and Rainsong OM1000SN2)

I was born in Melbourne, Australia. Then I lived in Singapore for my first 16 years. That fucked me over :P (High non-native EMF, Crazy Chinese Culture), but at least had the effect of giving me perspective (and a good palate). These days I'm mostly on the beach somewhere in Cairns, Australia.

You need Tranquility to create. I like my life being boring. But I'm always busy ....


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